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​"It's more than just Archery!"

Perfect 10 & All Tens Archery provides the best bow tuning service in South Florida for both Target shooters and Hunters. We tune our bows with the state of the art equipment along with laser tuning each and every bow just like it came out of the manufacture.

Compound Tuning:
Basic Tuning: $65
Full Tuning: $100
String Replacement: (String plus compound service)

  • $230 for premium strings.
  • $240 for Platinum Strings.

Recurve Tuning:
Basic Tuning: $40
Full Tuning: $60

Other Services:
Bow Balancing: $50
Custom Arrows Fletching:

  • $14 for vanes (Dozen)
  • ​$20 for Feathers or Spin Wings (Dozen).